Sunday, November 16, 2008


With friends in town, exploring the city's theater opportunities is essential. Equus proved to be such a great show. It seamed to be written for a small intimate black box theater but the people behind this production did an amazing job. The costuming and staging were brilliant. Richard Griffiths made me think more in his two monologues than I have all week (I could elaborate on this for hours but seriously where do you draw the line between passion and insanity). The production as a whole succeeded in making every member of the audience feel like they were invading a private moment and we were :) I must say that at the moment that Daniel Radcliffe gets naked, you experience 1 maybe 2 seconds of "that's Harry Potter naked" before you fall back into the story. Kudos to him for putting on such an extreme scene wearing absolutely nothing.

As a side note, I know the poster has been around for a while but it really is genius!

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